Keep your account active and build strong business relations by targeting clients, and retweeting great tweets in your niche.

A retweet, as the name suggests, is a reposting of a tweet on Twitter. Retweeter helps you to share the tweet with all your followers. Just like hashtags, a retweet allows people to grow conversations easily and rapidly. Also, retweeting your tweet is a good option if you want to spread light on your old tweets.

Click account(s) Manager before adding an account category, and then add your accounts. You can use a proxy to log in as well.

Choose Quick Task(s) Manager and click Retweet to add a new task. Choose a module before you click OK.

Tick the accounts you want to use and input contents or pictures. Complete the relevant settings. Be sure to click "ok" in the bottom right corner of this page

Click "Run" and choose to run now or at the scheduled date.



  • Multiple Sessions
  • Advanced task configuration
  • Ads free
  • Free Update
  • Free Support
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About Us

LikeSharer is released at the beginning of November 2021 by Followinglike team.

This tool is to gain points on the Social Exchange network AddMeFast and Followlike automatically. Gaining exposure on Social Media was never so easy!

LikeSharerTool is released at the beginning of 2022.

LikeSharerTool is a combination of 12 separate tools. You can get all of them in the box.

LikeSharerTool is definitely a short cut to speed up your online success!